About us


We believe the greatest gains are achieved when we work with our customers as partners. It is that relationship that brings us together to solve the toughest problems successfully. No one has time for a trial and error approach - with Kailo you get the experience and resources you need to reach your goals.

Kailo is built on decades of experience from the founders and the companies that were the impetus for our beginning. Three partners, whose backgrounds in the financial and healthcare industries gave them tremendous insight and experience in security, regulations, human resource management and technology, saw an opportunity to be a leader in a rapidly changing healthcare arena.

Kailo means “whole”. Our vision is to provide a set of solutions that work hand-in-hand or independently to improve efficiencies and operations while reducing cost and improving patient care.

Our turnkey solutions are delivered through Assessments, Infrastructure Solutions, and IT Services. Our proven track record in those areas allow us to see opportunity where other firms may not.

Kailo means many positive things: wholeness, wellness, goodness.
Culture is important in building team. Kailo's team is growing, and we needed a space that supports our pro-collaborative culture, a cornerstone to  Kailo’s “theHUMANfactor” philosophy.
Kailo fosters our team's growth through collaboration. Our new space establishes flexible collaborative areas through movable divider screens, designated areas including a training room, low-profile cubicles (or as we call them “pods”) designed to optimize teamwork, and portable presentation monitors that can be used to communicate visually.
Southeast Headquarters
Our New Southeast Headquarters
Kailo Healthcare Technologies Headquarters

the human factor

We believe healthcare’s greatest opportunity is innovation, whether it’s a new approach to solve a complex problem or successfully implementing a new technology. For Kailo, innovation and technology are exciting. But, those things alone are not worth much without talented people to back it up; we call this “theHUMANfactor”

Kailos human factor
We Are Not Numbers (and neither are you)

This picture wall represents the diversity of the Kailo team. Each member of our team selects a picture that represents him or her in some way. Like our clients, our team members are unique. Their personalities and stories make them who they are and give them a distinctive quality. They do more than simply close tickets; they build relationships.

This is what separates "good" from "great".