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Nationwide data center solutions
Information is valuable. It can lead to better patient care and outcomes, more effective treatment, and more efficient communication. Security, cost, accessibility, and reliability only scratch the surface of what you are looking to address. Your situation is unique and Kailo's team has a history of providing the right combination of solutions to fit specific needs.

Our extensive work with national and regional data center providers and our team’s experience in data center construction and management gives us a great understanding of the pros and cons of your options. As a guide to get your wheels turning Kailo provides an infrastructure matrix on our website which shows several common solutions and we provide a range of consulting to help you determine the path that would work best for you.

the human factor

We believe healthcare’s greatest opportunity is innovation, whether it’s a new approach to solve a complex problem or successfully implementing a new technology. For Kailo, innovation and technology are exciting. But, those things alone are not worth much without talented people to back it up; we call this “theHUMANfactor”
Kailo human factor
We Are Not Numbers (and neither are you)
This picture wall represents the diversity of the Kailo team. Each member of our team selects a picture that represents him or her in some way. Like our clients, our team members are unique. Their personalities and stories make them who they are and give them a distinctive quality. They do more than simply close tickets; they build relationships.

This is what separates "good" from "great".
Kailo's role is to eliminate technology obstacles so our client's staff and clinicians can focus on what matters most - the health and well being of their patients.