IT Services Partnership

Single Point of Responsibility

When you have a question we have the answer. A single point of responsibility simplifies communication so that you can get fast and accurate responses and action. The single point of contact structure is especially effective when Kailo’s full IT Services solution is put into place. No longer are your teams working in silos and you don’t have to hunt for an answer.

Seamless Solutions: IT Services that work together

Kailo’s team is supported by our training, management, and experience, to ensure greater quality and control.

Together Kailo’s Service Desk, Desktop Support, and Clinical Concierge solutions work independently or together to address your needs from basic dispatch to in-person desktop support for clinicians.

Our approach is to provide solutions that live up to your standards and fit seamlessly into your existing environment. Our team centered approach combined with effective technology, an experienced and well-trained staff, and the ITIL process make it possible to realize greater efficiencies at lower costs.

We don’t see IT services as simply fixing computers or answering support calls. Kailo sees it as empowering your staff through our experience and training.

Our process ensures that we are providing the correct level of support in order to optimize your budget. Kailo can evaluate your existing staff and determine which skills are required. Our process determines the most effective and efficient path to your organization’s end goal. The most optimal solution is not always to fully outsource—in some cases we recommend a hybrid approach. Our staffing assessment can identify existing resources on your team that would benefit from an experienced, vetted, outsourced team.