Service Desk

Ask yourself: What if I could deliver a 30 second or less response time, surpass 90% in-scope first call resolution, and reduce abandonment rate? 

Answer: Better customer satisfaction and patient care.

Our 24 x 7 x 365 Service Desk follows the ITIL framework and specializes in both Healthcare Clinical and IT support.

It is true. When your Service Desk performs, stakeholder satisfaction and quality care go up. Nothing is worse than a clinician who can't resolve an issue in a timely manner or is placed on hold... waiting.

Kailo’s Service Desk solution provides our customers maximum flexibility and increased efficiencies that result in cost savings. It’s that simple.
But don’t confuse cost savings with a low skilled workforce or off shore resources. Kailo drives cost down by investing in a highly talented and experienced team; chosen not only for their knowledge but also their drive to grow.

Free your EHR resources to focus on their core job.  All Agents are certified, credentialed or trained on your EHR solution.  Let our expert Service Desk team handle your first level of support,  we provide average answer speeds of less than 30 seconds and call resolutions that will take the pressure off your build and training teams.

We can engage in a variety of ways:  full outsource, co-source (a compliment of your staff and ours) or off hours support. Additionally we offer Clinical (EHR, Applications) and IT (infrastructure, applications and operating system) support to our clients. 

Our Service Desk team aligns with the ITIL framework and all agents are well versed in the terminology and processes.   We back our performance with industry leading Service Level Agreements (SLA's) including: Customer Satisfaction, Average Speed to Answer, Abandonment Rate and First Level Resolution.

The Service Desk team will provide an industry best practices review with your organization Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly.  These reviews will analyze performance, Knowledge Base updates and goals for ongoing efforts. 

Features of the Kailo Service Desk include:

  • Industry best practices

  • 24x7x365 Support

  • 100% focus in Healthcare

  • Patient Portal support

  • HIPPA and PHI trained agents

  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly Reports

  • Onshore operations only

  • Customizable SLA metrics.

Just One Example
Prior to Kailo our client’s service desk was an internal operation. Maintaining the service desk while taking on the organization’s new priorities was a challenge.

The CIO saw an opportunity to focus the client’s internal management on projects specific to their skills; optimizing productivity and maximizing results. He felt that by outsourcing the service desk they could reduce cost, increase customer satisfaction, and give themselves a view into their operation they currently did not have.
Download case study to read the results.
As a demonstration of our tailored services, we produced a comprehensive monthly report crafted specifically to the client. Kailo produces more than 20 reports including:
Service desk performance metrics
Kailo's role is to eliminate technology obstacles so our client's staff and clinicians can focus on what matters most - the health and well being of their patients.

the human factor

We believe healthcare’s greatest opportunity is innovation, whether it’s a new approach to solve a complex problem or successfully implementing a new technology. For Kailo, innovation and technology are exciting. But, those things alone are not worth much without talented people to back it up; we call this “theHUMANfactor”

We Are Not Numbers (and neither are you)

This picture wall represents the diversity of the Kailo team. Each member of our team selects a picture that represents him or her in some way. Like our clients, our team members are unique. Their personalities and stories make them who they are and give them a distinctive quality. They do more than simply close tickets; they build relationships.

This is what separates "good" from "great".