Service Quality

Kailo is made up of highly motivated people who are not only getting their day-to-day responsibilities handled in a high quality fashion but are always looking for ways to improve on process and procedures and to bring creative ideas to the table.
Customer Satisfaction Driven

Performance is at the heart of providing customer satisfaction and with Kailo it starts with theHUMANfactor.

Key to your satisfaction and our growth strategy is building a team with diverse skills. To fulfill our mission of being forward thinkers in healthcare and at the same time keep up with rapidly changing technology we must maintain a knowledgeable staff. Our approach to attracting and motivating our team is through a constant reinvestment in developing their skills and honing their talents.

Our turnover is low; our investment into our employees is high. Beyond strong traditional benefits we pay for our team members to become certified in areas that allow us to provide better service. Training, certifications, and collaborations with customers and like-minded professionals create opportunities for advancement within Kailo.

The result is a team of talented and knowledgeable problem solvers. This is how Kailo builds trusted relationships with our customers and is the foundation on which our company is growing.

Customizable SLA

Every organization has goals and they are not all the same. Kailo designs our Service Level Agreement (SLA) based on your goals. We have confidence in our abilities and will put together measurable metrics to ensure we meet your most critical performance criteria.

In the case of a Service Desk customer, their most critical performance indicators were:

  • First Call Resolution – 85% of in scope issues while on phone
  • Time to Answer – 80% of calls within 30 seconds of recorded greeting
  • Abandoned Calls – 5% or less of all Service Desk phone calls
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey - 85% of users will rate services at a 4.5% or greater

Our program defined their greatest issues such as Epic “how-to” questions being routed to their applications team, monopolizing their time and costing them money. The customer realized that by having the Service Desk field the most common Epic issues, response time would increase, cost would decrease, and stakeholders would be happier. Kailo, included the top 25 most EPIC “How-To” questions as part of our in-scope First Call Resolution of 85%.

Customizable Reporting
Our reporting for the customer goes beyond the SLA and gives in-depth insight into operations. From Service Desk Queue Detail to Concierge Time to Ticket Closing we offer the flexibility of opening a window to your operations unlike other firms. Kailo’s transparency treats our customers as a partner, not a number.