Tailored Solution

Kailo is made up of highly motivated people who are not only getting their day-to-day responsibilities handled in a high quality fashion but are always looking for ways to improve on process and procedures and to bring creative ideas to the table.
Co-Sourced Local Staff

Co-sourcing is another way Kailo partners with our customers. The traditional model of outsourcing certainly has its benefits, but there are times when a co-sourcing relationship can be of greater gain.

Kailo sees the value in this type of relationship with our clients. We see an opportunity to win quality talent who can assist in speeding up the adaptation to your work environment.

We customize the co-sourcing model to the goals of our customers. From work-flows to reporting structure to collaboration in the hiring process; the co-sourcing relationship allows issues to be tackled in a holistic manner with a long-term perspective. Co-sourcing, like outsourcing provides customers the freedom to focus on critical value-add activities. As Kailo continues offering the co-sourcing model we cultivate higher-value expertise and, in turn, the ability to provide higher-value services.

Customizable Implementation Plan

Solution implementation is customized to a customers specific needs and services, but a few basic steps are consistent.

Requirements Gathering
In this phase we are identifying clear customer needs. During this exercise, success criteria emerge and are documented. These requirements guide the selection of resources and provide key insight to tailoring of the Kailo solution.

Customers who utilize an Epic EHR are not identical. Each Epic install differs as do customer needs. The Training phase allows on-boarded Epic Certified resources to come up to speed on the client build as well as to understand expectations.

Roll Out Communication
Building a successful program means clear and proactive communication. It is important that the target users are aware of the coming support. The intent of this phase is to make targeted providers aware of the support parameters, contact methods for engaging the service and level set general expectations of the program.

Go Live
Launch of any service is a scripted event. The program will move across the system in a defined manner focusing first on areas defined as priority during the requirements phase.

Establishing and following a structure process specifically for our clients will lead to improvement our joint success and stakeholder satisfaction.

Turnkey Knowledgebase/ITSM Platform

Kailo is in the process of preparing for the migration to a new ITSM platform. Our design is for a solution that can grow as needs arise and is agile to allow us to quickly adapt to change. Our ITSM will be designed to allow our customers the ability to utilize the technology and relieve themselves of the burdens of cost, training, monitoring and technical support of an in-house solution.

Communication Strategy

There are two communication strategies in mind.

IT Services Multi-Chanel Communications
Kailo makes it easy for you and your team to communicate when you need support. When unified communications model is put into place our team is connected. We can pull resources into a video conference on the fly or simply show up at your door. Quick response and problems addressed—all on your terms.

Better communication translates to better efficiency, quicker resolution, time savings, happier clinicians - and most of all, satisfied patients.

Kailo can leverage the latest technical advances in video, chat, and phone to connect people through mobile devices such as the iPhone and iPad to keep connected while on the go.

While we may not implement a unified communications model out of the gate, it is on Kailo’s services roadmap. We see the ultimate user experience is to provide communication options that cater to the user at that moment. It could be a tablet, mobile phone, computer, or laptop. Then, allow the user to choose the best method of communication; chat, audio, or video.

Or, your staff can meet face to face with one of our clinical concierge staff.


The Kailo communication strategy is critical for a number of reasons; it sets our customers’ expectations, it allows our client to be assured of the work that we are doing, it builds consensus around our goals and it allows Kailo to share successes. Communication is apparent at several levels within the customer organization and several methods are used.